Saturday, October 6, 2012

Barber Shop Society

I recently saw a media kit for the Barber Shop Society. This is a society that promotes and preserves the barber shop harmony in American Culture today. This society put together a media kit to help the promotion and preservation.

There were a lot of good aspects to this media kit. One was that it put together some great graphics. I really liked their cover page and how they used a picture of a barber shop quartet. I also liked how they used their building to title the media kit. The flow of the cover page was well thought out too. I also liked how they included a photo gallery in their media kit and how they used a lot of photos. Another good part of this media kit was how much information they included in it. They had a lot of background information about the society and what their missions and goals were. The organization of the kit was good as well. I liked how they used bullets and paragraphs to separate all of the information.

Some things that this media kit did not include was who the kit was intended for. It did not have a pitch letter and it did not give any information as to why the kit was created. Obviously they want to get their organizations name out there but it doesn't have a plan of action for doing that within the media kit. It also does not include any upcoming events to help promote their program. Overall, this would be a good media kit if they included some of this information. 

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