Saturday, October 20, 2012

Duracell: Making Moments Last Longer

The first time I saw this print ad, I fell in love. I do not buy any other batteries but Duracell because of this ad. I have yet to find a print ad that I like better than this one. I honestly cannot find anything negative to say about this ad. This ad was created a few years ago and I think what I like about it most, is how well it fits in with American culture. It seems like every day another family is shipping off their solider. Duracell created an ad that reaches a broad audience, which is what they needed considering everyone uses batteries.

The first thing I noticed about this ad is how well that tiny little battery is stopping time. The only thing in focus in this ad is the solider, the women, and the battery. The background has been blurred so that it actually looks like time is standing still. Nothing else matters except that moment, which will last forever because it is powered by Duracell.

Another thing I noticed about this ad is how you can only see the women's face and emotions. The worry in her eyes is very clearly stated. Also, her hands are grasped in just the right way that the audience can see she doesn't want to let this moment go just yet. It is easy for the audience to feel sympathetic towards her.

The last thing I thought was interesting about this ad is that you cannot see the soldier's face. I think there could be many reasons why they do not show his face. In a way, not showing his face reaches the male audience. Many men do not like to show their emotions, so this ad is not letting you see a man's emotions. However, the way the solider is grasping the women makes me believe that he too does not want this moment to ever stop.

In the end, this ad just makes me want to tell the solider and the women thank god they chose Duracell to make moments like this one last longer.

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