Saturday, October 20, 2012

Duracell: Making Moments Last Longer

The first time I saw this print ad, I fell in love. I do not buy any other batteries but Duracell because of this ad. I have yet to find a print ad that I like better than this one. I honestly cannot find anything negative to say about this ad. This ad was created a few years ago and I think what I like about it most, is how well it fits in with American culture. It seems like every day another family is shipping off their solider. Duracell created an ad that reaches a broad audience, which is what they needed considering everyone uses batteries.

The first thing I noticed about this ad is how well that tiny little battery is stopping time. The only thing in focus in this ad is the solider, the women, and the battery. The background has been blurred so that it actually looks like time is standing still. Nothing else matters except that moment, which will last forever because it is powered by Duracell.

Another thing I noticed about this ad is how you can only see the women's face and emotions. The worry in her eyes is very clearly stated. Also, her hands are grasped in just the right way that the audience can see she doesn't want to let this moment go just yet. It is easy for the audience to feel sympathetic towards her.

The last thing I thought was interesting about this ad is that you cannot see the soldier's face. I think there could be many reasons why they do not show his face. In a way, not showing his face reaches the male audience. Many men do not like to show their emotions, so this ad is not letting you see a man's emotions. However, the way the solider is grasping the women makes me believe that he too does not want this moment to ever stop.

In the end, this ad just makes me want to tell the solider and the women thank god they chose Duracell to make moments like this one last longer.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Motorcyclists of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Today recently published a feature story about motorcyclists in Oklahoma. They interviewed a few of the state's motorcyclist and asked them what made motorcycling in Oklahoma special. Many of them talked about their favorite routes and what was on them. A few mentioned the famous Route 66 and others mentioned riding through the Wichita Mountains. Each of the person's interviewed had something interesting to say.

This was a good feature story because it could be read in 15 minutes or less. Also, it covered something local, that could be inspired by the news. Covering how motorcyclist view Oklahoma is illuminating of our time period because of how popular motorcycling has gotten in the past years. It shares with the rest of the world why riding in Oklahoma is entertaining and fulfilling. It also covers a story that is not generally covered, it brings light to something that most people do not think about. It is a human interest piece that highlights not only motorcyclist and why they like to ride but also some of the greatest features of Oklahoma.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Barber Shop Society

I recently saw a media kit for the Barber Shop Society. This is a society that promotes and preserves the barber shop harmony in American Culture today. This society put together a media kit to help the promotion and preservation.

There were a lot of good aspects to this media kit. One was that it put together some great graphics. I really liked their cover page and how they used a picture of a barber shop quartet. I also liked how they used their building to title the media kit. The flow of the cover page was well thought out too. I also liked how they included a photo gallery in their media kit and how they used a lot of photos. Another good part of this media kit was how much information they included in it. They had a lot of background information about the society and what their missions and goals were. The organization of the kit was good as well. I liked how they used bullets and paragraphs to separate all of the information.

Some things that this media kit did not include was who the kit was intended for. It did not have a pitch letter and it did not give any information as to why the kit was created. Obviously they want to get their organizations name out there but it doesn't have a plan of action for doing that within the media kit. It also does not include any upcoming events to help promote their program. Overall, this would be a good media kit if they included some of this information.