Saturday, September 22, 2012

Every Girl I've Ever Kissed

I have never enjoyed reading blogs. I understand the concept of blogs being used as a promotional device, but I do not understand everyone's need to blog about their personal life. I honestly do not know why I should take time out of my day to read about your crappy or exciting day. Now if you're a famous person, like Emma Stone, I would love to read about you're life. If you're an average person like me, I really do not care. If an average joe wants me to read his/her blog about his/her life then it better be hilarious. It has to be Every Girl I've Ever Kissed quality.

Luke Stephens is an average person who created the  blog Every Girl I've Ever Kissed in 2011.  In this blog he tells the story behind every girl he has ever kissed. They are not your usual boring I kissed a girl/guy stories, they are elaborate, bizarre and funny. Every story usually has me laughing so hard that my roommate has to check to make sure I am not dying. Stephens knows how to write a good story and make it look easy, which is the toughest part of blogging.

Another great thing about this blog is that he used to update it every Wednesday. Many times bloggers update their pages at random times, which is another frustrating thing about blogging. Stephens set Wednesday as his update day. In doing this he kept readers excited and interested about his upcoming posts. Stephens has not updated the blog since January of this year but he has a new blog now called Bright Luke, Big City.

Even though Every Girl I've Ever Kissed is not updated anymore it is still a great example of a good blog. Stephens' writing is interesting and well thought out. In general I do not like blogs, but this is a blog that I will actually read and enjoy.

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